FARM excursion


It was a beautiful and sunny day at the farm today! We had so much fun feeding all of the animals. We saw so many different animals, enjoyed a tractor ride and had fun milking the cow Tina! I was very proud of how well behaved Prep SD was. Shout out to Sam for being our wonderful parent helper for the day. Thank you for all of your help!

There is going to be some tired preppies tonight I am sure!

Sheridan Dudley

img_3855 img_3854 img_3853 img_3852 img_3851 img_3850 img_3849 img_3848 img_3844 img_3842 img_3841 img_3840 img_3834 img_3831 img_3830 img_3829 img_3826 img_3825 img_3819 img_3815 img_3814 img_3809 img_3807 img_3805 img_3797 img_3796 img_3795 img_3789 img_3787 img_3784 img_3783 img_3782 img_3781 img_3780 img_3778 img_3777 img_3776 img_3775 img_3774 img_3773 img_3771 img_3715 img_3712 img_3710 img_3709 img_3707 img_3705 img_3704 img_3703 img_3702 img_3701 img_3700 img_3699 img_3698 img_3696 img_3693 img_3692 img_3690 img_3689 img_3688 img_3687 img_3686 img_3685 img_3683 img_3680 img_3677 img_3675 img_3674 img_3673 img_3672 img_3671 img_3668 img_3661 img_3660 img_3658 img_3657 img_3656 img_3655 img_3652 img_3650 img_3649 img_3647 img_3646 img_3643 img_3640 img_3639 img_3638 img_3637 img_3635 img_3634 img_3633 img_3631 img_3630 img_3629 img_3627 img_3621 img_3618 img_3617 img_3616 img_3615 img_3614 img_3613 img_3611 img_3610 img_3609 img_3608 img_3607 img_3606 img_3605 img_3604 img_3603 img_3602 img_3601 img_3600 img_3599 img_3598 img_3597 img_3595 img_3594 img_3593 img_3591 img_3587 img_3584 img_3581 img_3580 img_3578 img_3577 img_3576

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